Our Guiding Staff - The Best In The West!

Smokey Canyon Outfitters owes its success and reputation to the hardest working and most knoweldgable guides in the buisness. All are licensed guides and locals to the Star Valley area bringing years of experience. Depending on your ability, what hunt you have booked and SCO's own touch of paring hunter with guide you can expect to to have a wonderful hunt and make a great friend for years to come. Guides do everthing in there power and use their knowledge of the area to give you the best oppertunity possible on your hunt. Below are some of the best in the business, they guys who make SCO who we are today!
Smokey Canyon Outfitters Shawn Merritt was born and raised in the mountains of western Wyoming. Shawn's creative personality is a huge addition to the Smokey Canyon Team. Shawn is a Mountain Lion guide, but has also honed his Mule Deer, Elk and Antelope skills. Shawn has moved back to western Wyoming with his wife and two children and is ready for his next adventure.
Smokey Canyon Outfitters Vohn lives in south western Wyoming and runs mountain lion hunts in our southern areas. Vohn has been hunting lions with Smokey Canyon Outfitters for 8 years. Vohn has a wife and 3 kids, he is a very patient hunter and never afraid of a harder than normal task.
Smokey Canyon Outfitters Dirk Jenkins; born and raised in the mountains of Wyoming. Dirk has over 20 years experience as a professional guide in most of the western United States. Dirk's father Larry Jenkins has been an outfitter for over 40 years. Growing up with that experience, Dirk knows what it takes to make your experience in the outdoors memorable for a lifetime
Smokey Canyon Outfitters Toran "Nerd" Merritt, the newest addition to the Smokey Canyon bunch. He is a mountain lion, deer, elk, trapping, and bow fishing guide. Toran grew up in the mountains and valleys he hunts and traps. He lives in Star Valley with his son. He is the youngest brother of the Merritt family and comes from a long line of outdoorsmen.
Smokey Canyon Outfitters Rob Anglesey is Smokey Canyon's go to guy for antelope hunting. Rob was born and Raised in Star Valley Wyoming and paticularly enjoys the Antelope hunting.
Smokey Canyon Outfitters As you can tell we saved the best for last! Lavoy Eborn is a resident of Paris Idaho. He lives to be at home in the mountains of eastern Idaho hunting deer, elk, bear, and mountain lions. Lavoy has a legendary status of being 100 percent on his lion hunts for the past 4 years. He gladly takes any challenges to break that streak!
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