Wyoming Mule Deer

Our Wyoming mule deer hunt takes place in mid September in region G on the western side of Wyoming. This is a horseback hunt based out of our lodge. It is a 2 hunter per guide ratio, unless other arrangements are made. We have some tremendous mule deer genetics, in this area and kill book bucks every year. This is an extreme hunt taking place at 9500-10,000 feet in elevation. Spot and stalk is the best way to hunt these eagle eyed bucks. By truck and trailer out every morning we have an unlimited variance of trails and canyons to hunt. If there is excessive pressure in one spot we can move to hundreds of others. Top physical shape is a plus! We will do our best to get the deer to you but your physical shape is a big factor in this hunt. Typical shots range from 200 to 350 yards. It is best to know your weapon out to 500+. We will get you the best possible shot opportunity but sometimes you just can't close the gap. Mule deer harvest opportunity on a 22? -24? 4 point or better buck is most generally 95-100%. Again your physical shape can hugely increase your opportunity. See some of our trophies in Deer Photos!

Idaho Mule Deer

We have authorization in two hunt units for mule deer in Idaho. One in which is an over the counter tag area and has great trophy potential. This hunt is conducted on horseback and is also operated out of our lodge. It also is a 2 on 1 hunt from 100 to 300 yards and is one of our less physically demanding hunts. Our second hunt area is a trophy managed area with only 200 available tags. This hunt runs into pre rut and we see some extremely large bucks on this hunt. It is difficult to get a tag but trophy potential is awesome. We also have a few of these tags allocated to us for our hunters. This is a 2 on 1 hunt conducted out of our tent camp with the use of horses. See some of our trophies in Deer Photos!
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